Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Biro Kesihatan Puteri UMNO Against Government Policy

In the world of knowledge, the essential form of good is the limit of our inquiries and can barely be perceived,  but when perceived we csnnot help concluding that it is in every casr the source of all that is bright and beautiful in the visible worlf giving birth to light and its master and in the intellectual world dispensing, immediately and with full authority, truth and reason and that whosoever would act wisely either in private or in public must set this form of good before his eyes.

What is DS? Dispensing Separation, where people visit doctors for check up and consultancy. All medicine only to be dispense in pharmacy by pharmacist. Singapore, Indonesia, India, Philippines and many countries around the whole world practicing this method. Government hospital in Malaysia has been practicing this for ages. We are not new with this system. Currently we are still bound under Poison Act 1952. These act very soon to be replace by Pharmacy Act. According to Poison Act 1952, doctors allowed to dispense medicine and pharmacist being given the same right. What influenced Poison Act 1952 to give an obsolute  right to doctors for dispensing?  In the 50's, ratio of pharmacist over the population to huge and far below WHO recommendations which is 1:2000. Now the ratio in Malaysia, 1:2400 + 1300 graduates each year. According to statistics, by 2020 the ratio should meet 1:1600.

Doctors and Pharmacist having heated debate and arguments restlessly everywhere over the net. Both raising up their concern. One thing which I don't understand is, why Putri Umno taking sides over this issue by doing collaboration with Malaysian Doctors Club? Why not together with Pharmacist Club too?

This is a dialogue. Will there be another dialogue with Pharmacist as well? Biro Kesihatan Puteri UMNO Malaysia dominance by doctors? From what I see, this is totally bias and taking sides. This is not healthy. UMNO for all Malays not just for doctors. Secondly, my humble opinion is, Biro Kesihatan Puteri UMNO clearly against government own policy on DS which has been practiced at all government hospital here in Malaysia. If really Biro Kesihatan Puteri UMNO Malaysia representing somebody, who would it be? Doctors? Private? Or Government? Since they are clearly taking sides, they have an explanation to do.


  1. Thank you for your concern regarding this. I had the same impression too, 'why only with the doctors?'
    But then I found out that MPS Deputy Pesident, Mr Amrahi Buang is invited as one of the panels. So, we can say it's gonna be a fair dialogue.
    Hopefully, it will go well.

    1. yeah...never our intention for it to be bias. initially we invited 2 speakers from pharmacy side, 1 doc and 1 pengguna. last minute cancellation for the reason which we respected. tried very hard to find another pharmacist, even liaised with higher authority. maybe can refer to en amrahi as well. and please, if ada tanggungjawab from the writer, next time refer to us and amend the statement. and maybe can refer to your students pharmacy who attended and ask if we really taking sides or just wanted to hear the explanations from both parties. and of course, how could we hear from the pharmacists' side if they were not there. so be fait to us too. tq - EXCO PUTERI UMNO MALAYSIA

  2. Due to its emotionally charged issue (foreseeable) mps decidest to pull out. We want a professional dialogue not a debate.

  3. Hi! just so u know, first, that was a wrong poster u put up there. we had updated a newer one. MDC did not coorganised the event with us and it was supposed to be Dispensing Separation. Second, we did request for input of questions and response that will help the dialogue from the pharmacists yang cancelled but.........
    Anyway, Puteri UMNO tried our very best to engage with the pharmacists for this dialogue. Unfortunately the 2 speakers ( En. Amrahi Buang and one of your academicians ) cancelled at the very last minute due to reason tak mahu memburukkan keadaan yang sedia tegang and because the possibilities of people hijacking the event and causing riot ( hmmmm...! ) Fortunately your student turned up and guess what? They were superb! One of the girls spoke very well and shed some lights to us. we were very impressed, Puteri and the doctors!
    We want to hear more from the pharmacist and the doctors, hence the dialog. we want the rakyat to hear the info "first hand" and not just wondering and making speculations why in the world this 2 professions gaduh gaduh sana sini in media. i lived in Ireland before where they used ds and i liked it! But we just wanted to know the pros and cons implementing it in Malaysia. Those who attended the dialog yesterday would know there was joke that Puteri pro DS but yet those who opposed came! Of course we appreciate the concern from ur higher level authority about the risk of unwanted event. We took precautions! Puteri was willing to take the risk and so did the doctors. But why didn't the pharmacies. This is not about the vote per se. We genuinely wanted to educate the rakyat, to instill budaya pemikir dalam diri rakyat Malaysia. We want to give rakyat's input to the govmnt? what's wrong? Even after the dialog yesterday, we advised to get more info, read up and WAIT for the official announcement calmly. A simple sharing session was all we wanted from all parties so that the rakyat get a basic understanding about DS as well as to clear the misconception about DS and the "war" between the 2 professions. Was that too much to ask? Btw, aside from ONE doctor, we also have ONE pharmacist in Biro Kesihatan Puteri UMNO ;p - EXCO PUTERI UMNO MALAYSIA

  4. Hmm yeah.. Pretty much unfair to say that the organizer (puteri) was being biased because the two pharmacists En Amrahi and another guy initially agreed to become panelists but tarik diri last minute. Clearly not their intention to have it seem one sided. Maybe you can contact them to get some accurate info rather than assumption.. Just saying ✌️


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