Monday, 9 March 2015

Nga Kor Ming Retarded Jokes Seen As Pakatan Upmost Desperate Measures

How desperate can the opposition be? As high from the north pole till as low as in the south pole, they preached the whole world on what they called the untold story of Malaysia that they have won the popular votes during the 13th. General Election. They were in CNN, CBC, C++, web portal news, etc. Named it. Each and every corner of the world they claimed that they are the chosen one. Popular votes gained by Pakatan Rakyat 5,623,984 (50.9%) while, Barisan Nasional 5,237,699 (47.4%). These are the numbers which they claimed to be throne as government by people choice. What they didn't tell the world is, Malaysia democratic election are based on simple majority unlike in the United States and other countries which practiced popular votes to determined the rulling government.

Let us be practical on these facts. Pakatan claimed that 5,623,984 peoples behind them. Why until today, the petition to free Anwar signed only by 68876 since the petition open on 10th. February 2015 which already one month on the air. They targetting to get 100,00 signature through this petition by 12th. March 2015 and 3 more days to go and they still shorts of 31,124 signatory.

Do you think with 5,623,984 Malaysian behind them and who knows how many through out the world they claimed to be their supporters can't even get 100,00 signatory in splits second instead of begging people to sign the petition with only few days to expired. What a joke. 

What actually on these retarded mind kind of person, Nga Kor Ming. Let say if they succeed getting 100,000 signatory, will this means Anwar being freed? Nincumpoop! What was on his mind? He thought that Malaysian stupid enough to buy this kind of jokes? In general terminology, THIS IS THE UPMOST DESPERATE MEASURES BY PAKATAN LEADER TO GAIN PUBLICITY IN THE CHEAPEST AND STUPIDEST WAY EVER!

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