Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Nurul Izzah - Sympathy For The Devil

The capacity to sympathize and empathize are considered as vital for a sense of humanity. People who are lack of this capacity were classified as narcissistic, sociopathic or psychopathic under some circumstances. However, these terms are only applicable if a person who to be, deserved to be and genuinely being victimized. In the case of Nurul Izzah being detained yesterday, should this being referred as due to her abnormal behaviour instigating and asking people to fight government which might create unease situation in Malaysia. Nurul Izzah Anwar was detained to assist police in their investigation of an opposition rally and also for making "contemptuous remarks that those in the
judiciary system had sold their souls to the devil". She propagate Anarchism in Malaysia. Basis for both sympathy and empathy is compassion with blending of understanding and acceptance of others that can be seen as being derived or enhanced by knowledge and wisdom. There are so many ways to expressed disappointment or dissatisfaction. Definitely not by force or creating chaos.

Look before. She proudly hailing. She asked people to fight against the government. She was so braved before. I wonder if she had a glymps of thought for her children? Look at the other photo. After being detained, why was she crying. Was that a real tears? Tears of a hypocrite. Look at her MO. Very similar as her father.  Like father like daughter. Both playing sympathetic approached. The tears was not enough to gained emphaty. She even use her child to gained sympathy. 

Having good educational background, can't she think deeply for all her actions before doing it. As a single mother, would she gave a thought about future of her kids? I wonder. People would felt sympathy and sorry for her. If we think deep and rationale, the world doesn't work on sympathy and emphaty. World works on law, order and responsibilities. She asked for it. She purposely doing it. She is an adults. She knew the consequences. We are not judges. Lets the law be her judge. Malaysian are matured enough to differentiate reality and acting. Don't be fooled by the look. Anyhow, she was just detained for questioning......why the opposition's and herself make a big deal out of it? The only logic explanation for all this is a propaganda to the people so that the people would stand up and against the government in the unspeakable manner. Sympathy all they need. The rest will flow naturally. Malaysian should think rationally. Don't be fool by those who seek for endless vengeance and power. We built this nation. Just give a deep thought before destroying it. These people don't deserved to be sympathise. 

God safe Malaysia. God bless Malaysian's.

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