Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Rafizi Spilling His Guts Out Through His Stinky Mouth

My my my........Surprisingly to see what's coming in this clip between 0:30 to 0:50.  He is not that smart to keep to himself about the truth. Just for the sake of his hatred and vengeanced against all the best efforts by the rulings government. He just wanna see this country falling apart with hope he can be the hero of the day to save it. Damn hypocrit! Even Penang in their ruling state start increasing taxes day by day & Selangor as well.

Rafizi incompetency will not be headlines to any debate. No doubt about it. How smart he himself claimed to be, the simplest truth came out from his heart through his mouth just in seconds. You can't hide the truth as the truth will prevail naturally by itself. So judge it yourself. Everyone in Pakatan knew about positive impact of GST to the country. They just make an issue out of it because they wanted to be the hero who save the day. Countries around us like Singapore, Thailand, Philipines, Indonesia and others has been practicing GST or other terminology with similar purposes for ages. I wonder why their oppositions and peoples not against it as ours? Obviously something is wrong with us. Anyhow, good or bad for us to judge in a very near future within days to go. Don't be Pakatan tools. Choose to be what we wanted to be. Choose wisely. Choices is ours. Judgement by rationale thinking and not by emotions.


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