Sunday, 26 April 2015

An Irony of Self Proclaimed Iron Lady

33 years has been wasted on stupid strife for the sake of unsuccessful experiment. The values gathered together vanished the strategies for survival have become ridiculous. So, the 33 years of our lives have become a story, history and a bad anecdotes. This were all remembered as a kind of irony for P044 Permatang Pauh Parliamentary. More than 3 decades, P044 being under the same family. What has they done to P044 area? Surely by the logics of our mind, well developed and in a modern state of urbanisation.

Who being elected on every elections for the past 33 years. 

Wan Azizah, A is the tasife, A mother, A Grandmother, A State Assemblywomen and now contesting again as A Member of Parliament for P044 Permatang Pauh. All of those stated at the same time. Wow. Awesome! 

As usual, her way of fishing votes based on sympathetic approach. Tears were shed everywhere all the time. We knew what she has gone through with her personal life. We acknowledge the suffering she been through. Would it be fair to people of Permatang Pauh having an incapacitated representative as prooven track records for it for 33 years. Would that be enough to justified the capabilities of a group of people or an individual's? There were no sweat given back to the people who elected them. They just giving tears to gain more and more supports. The only common things about sweat and tears is the salty taste but they render a different results. Tears will get you sympathy and sweat will get you change. The choice to make a different by voters of P044 Permatang Pauh. Enough tears sheds. Now is the time to sweat for the people to change for a better result unliked for the past 33 years.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS! Stop the families clan and dynasty to bullish you for their own survival. Time to make changes. 33 years, enough is enough. No tears in this world could turn back the wasted time.......

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Malaysiakini : Flint That Ignite The Fire

It is true on how media reporting the news. Some irresponsible media reporting news as they wished it should be. Turning murderer into heroes, sexual predators to freedom fighters etc. Despite of all that, some media taking advantage over each situation in good or in bad and acting as a flint to ignites the fire. Malaysiakini, a natural flint in media society will definetely play their role to sensationalize an issue no matter right or wrong. Lately becoming worst and looks so desperate on their attempt to bring down DS Najib. 

What normal for us to see and understand:

How Malaysiakini taking advantage over the situation:

Even the man himself using air plane to travels with his wife during his era:

The press freedom in this country being manipulated. Don't get caught on the manipulation made by few irresponsible people for the sake of archiving their own endless personal  goals.

Sunday, 19 April 2015


No government can be long secure without a formidable opposition. It reduces their supporters to that tractable number which can be managed by the joint influences of fruition and hope. It offers vengeance of fruition to the ambitious and employs the energies of aspiring spirits who otherwise may prove traitors in a country.

Dyana and few others of her comrades functions in DAP to enlightened the nation over the so call new agenda from DAP that out of sudden they started sharing their legacies to other than chinese. Since the Telok Intan bi-election until this day, it started to make sense. DAPknew that for the sake of their survival, they really need support from the Malay communities which majorities in Pakatan from PAS. At these very day, PAS not so keen to have any relation with DAP since the hudud issues. DAP also knew that attacking the roots is more effective rather than tree itself. They will not getting any support from PAS after this. So, DAP top leaders has already started travelling through out the world especially to the islamic countries where our Islamic Studies student were. As predicted,  they will bring along few Malay Mule to set an example and convinced the students that they are the progressive and diversified political party. Recently, DAP top leaders were in Jordan.

No government power can be abused long. People will not bear Iit. There is a remedy in human nature against tyranny that will keep us safe under every form of government. It is not convincing when a mule named Dyana start the blaming games. DAP most effective way to get their foot off in every issue they created and busted.

Man's consciousness is his last known and most abused vital organ. Most of the people believe that consciousness as such is some sort of indeterminate faculty which has no nature, no specific identity and therefore no requirements, no needs, no rules for being properly or improperly. Man will always abuse, subvert and starve their consciousness in a manner they would not dream of applying. Malay's must not be easily influenced by DAP. We know who they are. They will not change and they will never be changed.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sums of all fears : Malaysia External Debt

IMF defines the key elements of country external debt as follows:

1. Outstanding and Actual Current Liabilities
    Consideration is whether a creditor owns a claim on the debtor. Debt liabilities include  
    arrears of both principal and interest.

2. Principal and Interest
    External debt does not distinguish between whether the payments that are required are
    principal or interest, or both. Also, the definition does not specify that the timing of the
    future payments of principal and/or interest need be known for a liability to be classified
    as debt.

3. Residence
    To qualify as external debt, the debt liabilities must be owed by a resident to a  
    nonresident. Residence is determined by where the debtor and creditor have their centers
    of economic interest typically, where they are ordinarily located and not by their  
    nationality. Example, if any Japs or Korean or an Englishman taking any loan from any
    parts of the world (in other currency than RM) and invest it in Malaysia, will be counted
    as country external debt. Even us, a Malaysian citizen buying bonds from any foreign
    bank here in Malaysia in other than RM currency will be counted as country external

4. Current and Not Contingent
    Contingent liabilities are not included in the definition of external debt. These are defined
    as arrangements under which one or more conditions must be fulfilled before a financial
    transaction takes place. However, from the viewpoint of understanding vulnerability,
    there is analytical interest in the potential impact of contingent liabilities on an economy
    and on particular institutional sectors, such as government.

Generally external debt is classified into four :
(1) public and publicly guaranteed debt;
(2) private non-guaranteed credits;
(3) central bank deposits
(4) loans due to the IMF.

So it is clear that all debt by the government, private sectors, foreign investors, the riches, the poorer and anyonelse in other than RM currency and used or kept in this country will be counted as country external debt. Also, external offshore loans, government guaranteed debt such as in 1MDB, foreigner ringgit denominators security debt (2/3 from the increased amount) and public enterprises. This also will include me and all of you. Unliked before, since last year the defination has change and covered all mentioned above. It is self explanatory why the debt triples the amount back in 2013. This has been explained by DS Najib last month in Parliament. Still some people still questioning country debt. 97.1% or RM566.1 bil in domestic debt and 2.9% or RM16.8 bil in external debt. So where are we? Higher or lower from this regions?

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Scared of losing, DAP U-Turn vs UMNO as a scapegoat

They knew it all along that they couldn't survived without PAS but they taking chances pressing PAS over an issue so that PAS would kneel down to it knees. They are definetely wrong these time. Religion is not for sale.

As usual, to make things look right someone to be blame for. A scapegoat to cover their mistakes will be no other than UMNO. When I read these article, DAP expressing their regrets by blaming UMNO. They criticized PAS to much for hudud stand made by PAS. The cuts run so deep. I am not sure either PAS-DAP saga over Hudud will be eased that easy. DAP since day 1 never sensitived about religion. They will never learned from past mistakes they had before.

Who started all this? Who asking whom to leave Pakatan? Who asking whom to step down in the beginning? Who sensionalized this issue in the beginning? It's so easy to blame others for the mistakes they themselves did. After DAP realized they have stretch the rubber band to much as it going to snap, DAP simply retract and stop pushing PAS to abandon their Hudud stand. 

UMNO is Islam. PAS is Islam. There is nothing wrong about UMNO supporting PAS for Hudud. Why would DAP felt threaten when for once UMNO and PAS were in the same grooves and rhythm. If PAS-UMNO be together, DAP will be history. Just a bad dreams of this nation. So.......why DAP never respect others in the first place. Regrets own action by not blaming others. It just exposing how idiot DAP leaders are. Such a pitty!!!

Read HERE .......

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur - Three Sides of Every Story 11

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor received the Citra Dewangga Award from the Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia given by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture through Kraftangan Malaysia, and was presented by Ministry Secretary- General Datuk Ong Hong Peng. This award given to honour individuals who had contributed in encouraging the
development of the local craft industry, especially textile crafts, at the domestic
and international levels.The individual who has promoted local craft, especially on textile crafts and turn it into a form of national art. Craft industry is no more a small industry here in Malaysia. The generated income between 2011 to 2014 was RM1.36 billion. DS Rosmah believes that art is the symbol of the two noblest human efforts. To construct and to refrain from destruction.

Non of what she did having any political interest in any way. Unfortunately, a small groups of retarded keep on teasing, criticizing and even accusing her for what she never ever did just for the sake of trying to buried her husband, DS Najib political career. All she has ever did just in the name of charity and promoting Malaysia in the eye of the world. I didn't see anything wrong with that. Do you? DS Rosmah believes that a kind heart Is a fountain of gladness, making anything in its vacinity freshen into smiles. Her determination to keep on doing a noblest job as she thought to be will never fade away even after she has been criticized and condemn. She has shown a truly Malaysian attitudes and we should acknowledge, appreciate and follow it as a good example leading us to a better nation.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Kadir in Dementia

While his existence barely noticed by DS Najib, even after an endless attack he launched against DS Najib either personally or to his administration, Kadir Jasin again launched an attack but this time targetting DS Rosmah which I believed to attract attention from DS Najib. This time, he is making comparision between Tun Jeanne (Pak Lah wife) and DS Rosmah. He published an article in his blog mentioning Pak Lah did not have an ambitious wife and DS Najib has an ambitious determined wife who would want him to stay at all costs. Wow! Either he is confused because of vengeance clouding his judgement or I am confused. I read the sentences he wrote again and again. Kadir either dreaming or in early stage of dementia.

Kadir should answer this before passing judgement through his baseless statements.

1. Did DS Rosmah ever contested in any election before?

2. Did DS Najib ever asked somebody to step down and make way for new election by
    naming DS Rosmah as a candidate?

3. Did DS Rosmah wished to becomes any states Menteri Besar?

4. Did DS Rosmah failed in her quest on becoming Menteri Besar and now she decided to
 .   contest as member of parliament and naming herself as head of the opposition's?

Person with stable mind and pure heart will know the answer to all questions.  The answer is NO to all question's. For some, with retarded mind will reacted differently and that's for sure. Senior journalist like him end up with such a retarded thinking. I felt pitty for him. Maybe the factor of his age bringing him closed to dementia or entering an early stage of alzheimer's. He seems to be lost recently unliked Kadir Jasin I knew before. Well, we also someday will be old and hopefully will not end up like him. May peace be upon him.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Facts That PKR Leaders Worst Than A Circus Clown

PKR might loose everything if they taking sides to DAP on hudud issue. PKR muslim grass root members majority opposing their top leaders stand on hudud. Even Wan Azizah statedher stand on behalf of PKR to pledge her allegiance to DAP against hudud implementation in Kelantan. Malaysian knew reason's for PKR establishment. There were non other than about Anuar Ibrahim and his families. Since Anwar having his luxury holidays in Kajang Prison with all the unlimited extraordinary treatment he get even in and out from prison for various occasions unlike other inmates. Now DS Wan Azizah turn to claim the throne. Not as easy as she thought it would be. There are few started to advertising themselves. Here is one of the example. I wonder who granted this idiot, chief opposition's.

DS Wan Azizah tried to make a big U-turn over her statement over PKR stand on Hudud which proven only her personal thought for her political survival and not related to the stand made by the grassroots. As usual, her reactions :

Anwar legacy are solely lives on symphaty. I don't think DAP were too generous to help unless something profitable to them. PAS have guts to fight for their belives and stand. DAP since day 1 having guts to say what they wished. How about PKR? All along playing safe. Some people even called PKR, condoms political party Always playsafe. I agree with those statements. Even another clown named Azmin playing the same games.

These were the peoples who extremely fast to gives comment without even have a sexond thought about consequences on their comments. A brainless leader they called democracy fighters. It is norm for them. Thick skin leaders like this will make a u-turn at anytime without felt sorry for it. Not everyone can do what they did best. PKR wont survive the next General Election without PAS by their side as they have seen how DAP playing their games.Even the words of gods is an issues to them. 

Also, as usual these people will deviates issues. It is the best time to play the mind of Malaysian over GST, Tun statement and Anwar imprisonment. Malaysian now already exposed to GST concept in a very early stage as everyone already started to understand the concept. These jokers from PKR knew it all along that with only relying to GST issues wouldn't help much on the sustainability trust of people's over them. Their propaganda on so called Anwar descrimination in prison also seems to be exhausted. Anwar is out from prison twice in this 2 months period. First in court where Anwar able to have meals with his families, supporters and comrades. Second was early today on attending his father funeral which I don't think other inmates will have this luxuries. Non of his families say thank you to Barisan Nasional lead government for Anwar short  Congratulations to Anwar Ibrahim.

Now only left on Tun's statements. Everyone of them playing the issue all out. Again this jokers playing around with slanders and endless accusations against the rulling government. Yet, some of the hardcore supporters supporting their caused of so called strugging for the peoples. Bullshit! PKR leader only fought what is best for themselves. Everytime BN answered their accusations and proven they wrong, non of them step forward  to say sorry and tried their best to correct it. They just passed by without any regrets. Again, Barisan National being victimized by PKR mostly through their master slanders and unstratergic director Rafizi. A circus clown will never do what PKR leaders did today...........

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tronoh DAP Assemblyman Disgracing Pakatan

Wouldn't they understand the constitution of this country? Did they chanted the constitutional pledge during school days? Do they really understood what they pledge? LOYALTY TO THE KING AND COUNTRY. 

Perak state assembly recently convened with an opening speech by HRH Sultan of Perak. The invitation cards clearly mentioned to wear an official dress no.1 but these jokers from Pakatan wearing black instead. The Sultan were not happy about this. Pakatan leaders act of wearing black during HRH present was an insulting the Sultan himself.

Not just wearing what they not supposed to wear, they questioning the others member of state assemblyman from Barisan Nasional with a very sensitive remarks. Watch the video. You will understand better what's going on. I wonder, did Tronoh Assemblyman went to school before? Did he pledge the constitution oath before? Did he understand it? Or he just don't understand Bahasa Malaysia well as the oath were written and spoken in Bahasa Malaysia. 

The words came out from his stinky mouth were very annoying and sensitive for the malays to accept it. Respect others. This is a multi culture and religion country. This is what happened when peoples elected the wrong person. A person without knowledge of his own country and not a statesman himself. No leadership skills and totally arrogant. Do you think he can be better as a leader with that kibd of attitude? I don't think so...... Best words to describe Tronoh is .........Natural Born Bastard! He just don't have the respect for our rulers (The King and Sultan's) in this country where most of DAP leaders are.