Sunday, 19 April 2015


No government can be long secure without a formidable opposition. It reduces their supporters to that tractable number which can be managed by the joint influences of fruition and hope. It offers vengeance of fruition to the ambitious and employs the energies of aspiring spirits who otherwise may prove traitors in a country.

Dyana and few others of her comrades functions in DAP to enlightened the nation over the so call new agenda from DAP that out of sudden they started sharing their legacies to other than chinese. Since the Telok Intan bi-election until this day, it started to make sense. DAPknew that for the sake of their survival, they really need support from the Malay communities which majorities in Pakatan from PAS. At these very day, PAS not so keen to have any relation with DAP since the hudud issues. DAP also knew that attacking the roots is more effective rather than tree itself. They will not getting any support from PAS after this. So, DAP top leaders has already started travelling through out the world especially to the islamic countries where our Islamic Studies student were. As predicted,  they will bring along few Malay Mule to set an example and convinced the students that they are the progressive and diversified political party. Recently, DAP top leaders were in Jordan.

No government power can be abused long. People will not bear Iit. There is a remedy in human nature against tyranny that will keep us safe under every form of government. It is not convincing when a mule named Dyana start the blaming games. DAP most effective way to get their foot off in every issue they created and busted.

Man's consciousness is his last known and most abused vital organ. Most of the people believe that consciousness as such is some sort of indeterminate faculty which has no nature, no specific identity and therefore no requirements, no needs, no rules for being properly or improperly. Man will always abuse, subvert and starve their consciousness in a manner they would not dream of applying. Malay's must not be easily influenced by DAP. We know who they are. They will not change and they will never be changed.

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