Sunday, 5 April 2015

Facts That PKR Leaders Worst Than A Circus Clown

PKR might loose everything if they taking sides to DAP on hudud issue. PKR muslim grass root members majority opposing their top leaders stand on hudud. Even Wan Azizah statedher stand on behalf of PKR to pledge her allegiance to DAP against hudud implementation in Kelantan. Malaysian knew reason's for PKR establishment. There were non other than about Anuar Ibrahim and his families. Since Anwar having his luxury holidays in Kajang Prison with all the unlimited extraordinary treatment he get even in and out from prison for various occasions unlike other inmates. Now DS Wan Azizah turn to claim the throne. Not as easy as she thought it would be. There are few started to advertising themselves. Here is one of the example. I wonder who granted this idiot, chief opposition's.

DS Wan Azizah tried to make a big U-turn over her statement over PKR stand on Hudud which proven only her personal thought for her political survival and not related to the stand made by the grassroots. As usual, her reactions :

Anwar legacy are solely lives on symphaty. I don't think DAP were too generous to help unless something profitable to them. PAS have guts to fight for their belives and stand. DAP since day 1 having guts to say what they wished. How about PKR? All along playing safe. Some people even called PKR, condoms political party Always playsafe. I agree with those statements. Even another clown named Azmin playing the same games.

These were the peoples who extremely fast to gives comment without even have a sexond thought about consequences on their comments. A brainless leader they called democracy fighters. It is norm for them. Thick skin leaders like this will make a u-turn at anytime without felt sorry for it. Not everyone can do what they did best. PKR wont survive the next General Election without PAS by their side as they have seen how DAP playing their games.Even the words of gods is an issues to them. 

Also, as usual these people will deviates issues. It is the best time to play the mind of Malaysian over GST, Tun statement and Anwar imprisonment. Malaysian now already exposed to GST concept in a very early stage as everyone already started to understand the concept. These jokers from PKR knew it all along that with only relying to GST issues wouldn't help much on the sustainability trust of people's over them. Their propaganda on so called Anwar descrimination in prison also seems to be exhausted. Anwar is out from prison twice in this 2 months period. First in court where Anwar able to have meals with his families, supporters and comrades. Second was early today on attending his father funeral which I don't think other inmates will have this luxuries. Non of his families say thank you to Barisan Nasional lead government for Anwar short  Congratulations to Anwar Ibrahim.

Now only left on Tun's statements. Everyone of them playing the issue all out. Again this jokers playing around with slanders and endless accusations against the rulling government. Yet, some of the hardcore supporters supporting their caused of so called strugging for the peoples. Bullshit! PKR leader only fought what is best for themselves. Everytime BN answered their accusations and proven they wrong, non of them step forward  to say sorry and tried their best to correct it. They just passed by without any regrets. Again, Barisan National being victimized by PKR mostly through their master slanders and unstratergic director Rafizi. A circus clown will never do what PKR leaders did today...........

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