Monday, 6 April 2015

Kadir in Dementia

While his existence barely noticed by DS Najib, even after an endless attack he launched against DS Najib either personally or to his administration, Kadir Jasin again launched an attack but this time targetting DS Rosmah which I believed to attract attention from DS Najib. This time, he is making comparision between Tun Jeanne (Pak Lah wife) and DS Rosmah. He published an article in his blog mentioning Pak Lah did not have an ambitious wife and DS Najib has an ambitious determined wife who would want him to stay at all costs. Wow! Either he is confused because of vengeance clouding his judgement or I am confused. I read the sentences he wrote again and again. Kadir either dreaming or in early stage of dementia.

Kadir should answer this before passing judgement through his baseless statements.

1. Did DS Rosmah ever contested in any election before?

2. Did DS Najib ever asked somebody to step down and make way for new election by
    naming DS Rosmah as a candidate?

3. Did DS Rosmah wished to becomes any states Menteri Besar?

4. Did DS Rosmah failed in her quest on becoming Menteri Besar and now she decided to
 .   contest as member of parliament and naming herself as head of the opposition's?

Person with stable mind and pure heart will know the answer to all questions.  The answer is NO to all question's. For some, with retarded mind will reacted differently and that's for sure. Senior journalist like him end up with such a retarded thinking. I felt pitty for him. Maybe the factor of his age bringing him closed to dementia or entering an early stage of alzheimer's. He seems to be lost recently unliked Kadir Jasin I knew before. Well, we also someday will be old and hopefully will not end up like him. May peace be upon him.

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