Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Malaysiakini : Flint That Ignite The Fire

It is true on how media reporting the news. Some irresponsible media reporting news as they wished it should be. Turning murderer into heroes, sexual predators to freedom fighters etc. Despite of all that, some media taking advantage over each situation in good or in bad and acting as a flint to ignites the fire. Malaysiakini, a natural flint in media society will definetely play their role to sensationalize an issue no matter right or wrong. Lately becoming worst and looks so desperate on their attempt to bring down DS Najib. 

What normal for us to see and understand:

How Malaysiakini taking advantage over the situation:

Even the man himself using air plane to travels with his wife during his era:

The press freedom in this country being manipulated. Don't get caught on the manipulation made by few irresponsible people for the sake of archiving their own endless personal  goals.

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