Saturday, 11 April 2015

Scared of losing, DAP U-Turn vs UMNO as a scapegoat

They knew it all along that they couldn't survived without PAS but they taking chances pressing PAS over an issue so that PAS would kneel down to it knees. They are definetely wrong these time. Religion is not for sale.

As usual, to make things look right someone to be blame for. A scapegoat to cover their mistakes will be no other than UMNO. When I read these article, DAP expressing their regrets by blaming UMNO. They criticized PAS to much for hudud stand made by PAS. The cuts run so deep. I am not sure either PAS-DAP saga over Hudud will be eased that easy. DAP since day 1 never sensitived about religion. They will never learned from past mistakes they had before.

Who started all this? Who asking whom to leave Pakatan? Who asking whom to step down in the beginning? Who sensionalized this issue in the beginning? It's so easy to blame others for the mistakes they themselves did. After DAP realized they have stretch the rubber band to much as it going to snap, DAP simply retract and stop pushing PAS to abandon their Hudud stand. 

UMNO is Islam. PAS is Islam. There is nothing wrong about UMNO supporting PAS for Hudud. Why would DAP felt threaten when for once UMNO and PAS were in the same grooves and rhythm. If PAS-UMNO be together, DAP will be history. Just a bad dreams of this nation. So.......why DAP never respect others in the first place. Regrets own action by not blaming others. It just exposing how idiot DAP leaders are. Such a pitty!!!

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