Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tronoh DAP Assemblyman Disgracing Pakatan

Wouldn't they understand the constitution of this country? Did they chanted the constitutional pledge during school days? Do they really understood what they pledge? LOYALTY TO THE KING AND COUNTRY. 

Perak state assembly recently convened with an opening speech by HRH Sultan of Perak. The invitation cards clearly mentioned to wear an official dress no.1 but these jokers from Pakatan wearing black instead. The Sultan were not happy about this. Pakatan leaders act of wearing black during HRH present was an insulting the Sultan himself.

Not just wearing what they not supposed to wear, they questioning the others member of state assemblyman from Barisan Nasional with a very sensitive remarks. Watch the video. You will understand better what's going on. I wonder, did Tronoh Assemblyman went to school before? Did he pledge the constitution oath before? Did he understand it? Or he just don't understand Bahasa Malaysia well as the oath were written and spoken in Bahasa Malaysia. 

The words came out from his stinky mouth were very annoying and sensitive for the malays to accept it. Respect others. This is a multi culture and religion country. This is what happened when peoples elected the wrong person. A person without knowledge of his own country and not a statesman himself. No leadership skills and totally arrogant. Do you think he can be better as a leader with that kibd of attitude? I don't think so...... Best words to describe Tronoh is .........Natural Born Bastard! He just don't have the respect for our rulers (The King and Sultan's) in this country where most of DAP leaders are.

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