Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bare Face Liar Tian Chua Exposed

Look at these :

Something was just not right. Tian Chua stated his update on his own arrest in his twitter page. Every steps and moment. The way he describe the action taken against him by PDRM seems so mean and he was brutally attacked but it doesn't jive why did PDRM still let him kept his handphone and let him updating his tweets? Look at the time of his tweets.

As usual, there must be another idiot comrade of him taking his statements and add in the enhancers to instigate the people to hate and against PDRM.

That was not the end of everything. Tian Chua continue his tweets even from inside the police station:

The best part was while waiting to be investigate, Tian Chua lodge a police report against his detention while being detained. 

A self proven statement that Tian Chua right were never being violated. As I writing now, he is still tweeting non-stop from his tweeter page. His getting first class treatment in detention. His own words proving that he is lying.

Sucis a lying bastard. Seeking sympathy by creating slanders. Tian Chua is a trouble maker. Since day 1 of his envolvement in politics, his modus operandi all along is to let the police to arrest him. He will make an issue out of his arrest to instigate the people to start against the police and authorities. The best is granting his wishes and keep him behind bars. Malaysia will be in peace without this scumbag. Thats for sure. PDRM taking the most honorable action to keep this country in peace. Thank you PDRM.

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