Monday, 25 May 2015

Decapitate Kandar

An english proverb, "It's better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission".   It is better to act decisively and apologize for it later than to seek approval to act and having risk of delay, objection, etc.

One of my favourite place to dine. Recently an incident happened in one of it's branch. 5 pieces of lady's finger cost RM20 and plain rice cost RM3.30 a plate. Wow, isn't that too much? 

21st. May 2015 updated price for Lady's fingers in Penang cost RM4 per Kg. Customer being charged RM20 per 5 pieces. 

As usual, workers to be blamed for and the director said sorry. That's all. A simple correction over serious offences. How about any reimbursement to customers who already paid the ridiculous price on the day or ever since it all started. 

A quick and meanest way to get rich. Totally unacceptable. KPDNKK should never let go that easy. Teach these people a valuable lesson for them to learn. They choose the hard way. So be it. Treat them the hardest.....


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