Thursday, 21 May 2015

Malaysia Few Good Man - DS Najib Tun Abdul Razak Legacy

A man who deals with various types of criticism , conjecture and slander towards his leadership ,his families, friends, policies and anything he has done and going to do. I am so proud to have a Prime Minister like DS Najib Tun Abdul Razak. A noblest, humblest and sincere guy I never seen in my whole life. He step foward when everyone stepping back. 1MDB is a good example. He never blamed anybody until the investigation through a thorough detail audit by the department of Ketua Audit Negara. He asking Malaysian to be patient and wait for the audit result even everyone around him demanding action to be taken on everybody in 1MDB. His approach always with fair judgement and he has the highest faith in Malaysia judicary system.

His families being attack mercilessly. Starting with his wife DS Rosmah Mansur, his son, his daughter and even the whole family of Tun Razak. Whats wrong with Malaysian nowadays. Most of our people are easily bought by the opposition. So easy to believes anything came out from the mouth of the opposition's. Altantuya case. The most unfortunate case. DS Najib has already taking a condemn oath in a mosque and police already done a thorough investigation based on allegations made by the opposition's thfor his involvement. Opposition simply make a statement's that Malaysia Judicary System corrupted. If they win a case, they praised the court and Judicary System. If they lost, things turn the other way around. Pathetic! A convicted murderer words being trusted more than a judge. What has happened to our country? Even both the murderer was DS Najib bodyguard, their personal life is not under DS Najib control. So unfair to relate DS Najib on the unspeakable and meanest murder case ever in this country. Beyond any reasonable doubt, DS Najib proven not involved at all in Altantuya case.

Teoh Beng Hock case. Why should DS Najib being blamed for? Nothing got to do with him. Let police and SPRM deal and investigate this matters. Can Lim Kit Siang being blame for if one of the DAP member a leader of a triad? Can we blame that poor old man? A rationale man will say NO. Unfortunately, some Malaysian will do the oppositely.

PR1MA, no one from opposition's thank him. If the opposition's sincere taking care of Malaysian welfare, why couldn't say their thankfulness to DS Najib over the 1,000,000 affordable house built for Malaysian from the low income group which is less than 2,000 ringgit. Opposition's are not the kind of people who really walk the talk. They are just using the people to gain in power. Thats all. Nothing more or less than that.

BR1M, as explained by DS Najib few days ago in the news. The initiative proposed nd initiated by Bank Negara and not him. The best way to help the targetting group with low earners directly. Why must DS Najib being blame for this? Why?

DS Najib even published FAQ (frequent ask question) to answer all the accusations and question raised by the people to him in his own personal blog. There still some idiot out there who said, this wouldn't be enough. They want more. More? Thats not an essay. Thats purely an explanation's.

DS Rosmah Mansur being accused mercilessly buying a huge diamind ring. This issue was clearly explained until today. All the evidence clearly not in favour conflicting DS Rosmah Mansur. This include statements from the gems shop in LA. Still until this very much days, some Malaysian conflicting her back to the issues. Totally unfair if you want to start talking about fairness.

DS Najib daughter wedding reception also being sensationalised. Are we talking about fair? Are we being fair to DS Najib? What do we expected from others?  If want to talk about all bad things and perception given by opposition to poison minds of Malaysian, will be much more thicker than a yellow pages. Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak today pledge that he and his cabinet ministers in his governmental organization will never look back and march foward to lead and manage this country to be a better place to be. He also stated that, he will do what's in his power and will to solved each and every issues brought up by internal party and oppositions as well.

From the bottom of my heart, I salute you DS Najib and families. Despite all the obstacles and tons of tons accusations and critics against you, you still act positively leading this countryto be a better place to live in. Prophet Muhammad (PUH) also having an unspeakable challenge during his time. With patients,  passion, effort and doa, I believed sir
you could turn the table and restore everything that has been damage by the opposition's. God Bless You! Most Malaysian also will be with you. Continue leading us to a better nation. Insyallah.

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