Saturday, 30 May 2015

Oopps He Did It Again.......

It has been a while Anwar not in the picture. Today, reported that he is sick and neted immediate treatment. What else do you expect, the whole families, families lawyer and comrades demanding this and that like they have forgotten, Anwar is a prisoner.

I still remember weeks before he was sent to jail. He looks healthy and fine. He did biking activities in New Zealand with his family members.  An activity that for a person who have shoulders pain wouldn't dare to do. He did.

He also jogged. He did.

On his first attemps to get sick leave from prison, he failed. Less responds he get from everybody. 

Today, on his second attemps to gain sympathy. He got blood in his stool sample and his shoulder in great pain as reported by his families. Back pain failed, now another pain coming and I bet you that this is not the least of his pain. More will come. History couldn't be alter. See the clips below to know what I am talking about.


He was and he still a master of sympathy. I don't know that maybe this time the real things happened. At least, we can judged why late action taken against his complaint on his sickness. We must be fair to the authorities as well. The perfect words to describe this in a song performed by The Rolling Stone.

Pakatan always live by votes. Numbers is what matters. What would they say about this? Stop twisting the facts and accusations that Anwar is a political prisoner. He is what he is. He did what he did and convicted by the court of law. He is a criminal prisoner as thousand of others.

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