Sunday, 10 May 2015

Worthless Game of Barking

The most sensational issues now all about Tabung Haji land investment on TRX. There are few people who started all this. Talking about misused depositors money, bailed out 1MDB, buying price more than market value so on and so forth. You can read all those everywhere in the net. There were fee depositors desperate intention to become famous in TV or perhaps paid by people who really have interest over the land. A piece of land located in the KL Golden Triangle. You can imagine, how many people out there really means bussiness to get their hands and feets over that piece of land sold by 1MDB to Tabung Haji. Those few depositors eventually a clown of the day, withdrawn their deposits. Most of them have less than RM2000. It seems, only those group of people and until now none others withdrawn.

No matters how much Tabung Haji bought from 1MDB, when they just started to open their mouth to sell it, there were few interested party willing to buy with price higher than the buying price. So.......isn't that a profit to Tabung Haji? In bussiness, a single cent higher selling price compare with buying price is called PROFITS. Bussiness with profit is a good bussiness. we really need to sensationalized the issues?

Some of us might not knows about few facts about this big hu ha...... This investment done by Tabung Haji Property (THP). The amount paid by depositors only covered 60% of total expenses during performing haj. Where does the 40% balance came from? Money will not just fallen from sky to our laps. There must be somebody or an organization that paying the 40% subsidy. Muslim's in Malaysia, every year performing haj without fails. Every day, there were people withdraw and deposit their money. None ever reported loosing their saving due to insufficient fund by Tabung Haji. 

So, why panic? Why out of sudden, Malaysia flooded by investment specialist? Is it a good sign or an early sign of destructions. People who have grudge on UMNO knew about Malay weakness. Its all about race and religion. Spreading lies by malay's and implicates the issues related to religion, which is Islam. Malay's shouldn't be fooled by those cheap politicians. Think before act. Think twice. Think again,again and again. 

We never lost our deposits. We are paying 60% only from the total cost of pilgrimage to Mecca. All depositors were subsidizes. Non were left behind. So, what are we barking at? Slanderers will be rotten in hell. For those who are a believer will understand those phrases.......

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