Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur - Three Sides of Every Story 12

Wall Street Journal published this. Just within minutes, few irresponsible Malaysian start spreading lies defaming DS Rosmah Mansur using an old picture which were taken 4 years ago. The picture of a look alike handbag as in the picture above worn by DS Rosmah. This is totally insane. An auction which just took placed vs a handbag worn 4 years ago.

Mr. Rizal, DS Rosmah special assistant in his explanation below make me make up my mind to publish this posting as I felt it is wrong to defaming an innocent person. One of the biggest sin. I really wonder, why some people do this. What will be their reason behind it. Are we Malaysian turning ourselves to be an uncivilised nation? With all the technologies we used on daily basis, we also must be smart using it. Be wise. 

The following is a statement by Mr. Rizal, denying the allegations that being spread in Whatsapp regarding DS Rosmah.

"Do Not Spread Defamation, the sins is too heavy

1. I get information that there is a distribution of the images in WhatsApp on the newspaper cutting about Hermes Birkin handbag which was sold in an auction for RM820,000. Also posted together, an image of DS Rosmah Mansur holding a similar look alike handbag with a bad intention to tarnished DS Rosmah name by telling the people she was the person who had purchased the handbag.

2. Upon reviewing, I found that picture posted was taken 4 years ago in Bunga Raya Complex KLIA, while both DS Rosmah and DS Najib going to travel abroad.

3. Handbag worn by the DS Rosmah in pictures was a gift from Maira Nazarbayev.

4. I implore all of us as Muslims, so as not to easily deploy images, video or any news that we ourselves do not know the root of origins. It's a big sins, because what we spread will continuously disseminated by others and by each distribution of it, we bear the sin.

Rizal Mansor "


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