Tuesday, 30 June 2015

July 2015 Fuel Price Increase - Any Valid Reason?

So it is. Every month end, reviewing the previous month oil prices to determined the next following month pricing. Today 1st. July 2015, new price and it is increasing.

Based on world crude oil price trending :

Based on our humbled and "people" minister, May 2015 average price will determined June2015 pricing and June 2015 average will determined July 2015 pricing and so on. Looking at the trend in graph on the crude oil price, May 2015 higher. So June 2015 price increased seems to be unavoidable. Looking on the trend in June 2015 is almost the same or slightly lower and still lead to price increase in July 2015.

No explanation by anyone regarding this. Is it because of currency as RM exchange rate dropping.

Also, KPDNKK Minister said yesterday, 30th. June 2015 that no more early announcement on oil price as the consumer only get to know in midnight every end of month. Unfortunately, since days ago everyone knew the price will increase and today since afternoon we already knew the new price of fuel for the month of July 2015 causing congestion in every patrol station in the country today. What has gone wrong? 

Despite on any problem or issues happened to the world, what does our "people" minister contribute at least to slightly ease the burden of the people? Middle group people suffer the most. What has been done for these group of peoples? They still Malaysian rite? I am so eager to wait for tomorrow news, what will be the excuse for this month fuel price increase. Would it be an interesting or dumb or bored statement and facts flying around. What would it be?

Would this quote served precisely " DON'T ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY. ASK WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU ". Also remember, next coming GE is not that long. Also remember, GE goodies is not applicable no more in current political scenario. Buck up now or rest assured being buried motionless forever. Do something for the greater of this nation and its people. Every problem will have its solution. Mr. Minister, you know better!

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