Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Over Excited Syndrome for Tony & Rafizi

DS Najib suing PJ Utara MP Tony Pua for defamation. Tony investigatioua had delivered a speech at a DAP fund-raising dinner on Nov 3 last year relating to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) where he had slandered him.

DS Najib suing PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli with a defamation suit for comments related to fuel prices made at a forum last year. Rafizi stated that the rising fuel prices would allow DS Rosmah to buy more diamond rings.

Similarity? Both were sued by DS Najib. Differences? Tony statement more professional comparing with Rafizi, a cheap bastard making a cheap baseless accusations. The two have an alibi to bring down DS Najib at all means. Since the suit being delivered and start the sessions in court, both team up together and start making any accusations,  slander and etc, you named it for the sake of bringing down DS Najib. Tony were seen as more actively in 1MDB issues. Would it because of Malaysian? Or because of his personal vengeance.  At first, data given were quite impressive and most likely to be accurate. After attacked by attacked from Tony to DS Najib, he seems to be lost focus and start talking nonsense. Today, the full summary of where the money channels to has been published.  Tony in his tweets, continously asking questions about each an every point given in the summary. Tony is 1 of the member in PAC, I wonder why he more interested asking questiin in his tweets rather than face to face ask the person himself during PAC investigation session. To me, it look more to gained sympathy and support from the people rather than let the person or organisation he accused explain it in details. Talking about "FAIR", as he and his comrades in Pakatan barking about almost everyday seems not working for this particularly case. Why is it?

We Malaysian should wait for the final report from both the investigation and audit. Let the truth reveals. Why must Tony be over excited? Is he afraid that some his lies being exposed together and chances for him to loose the suit will also high and he is doomed? Tony, for once please listen and wait rather than make up your own theory that seems turning to rubbish.

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