Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Sacrament Of The Anointing Of The Sick Pakatan

Lim Kit Siang said today that Pakatan Rakyat at the end of the road. He already read the last rites to the oppositions pact as predicted by him last two weeks. Careful of what you wish, it might comes through. Nahhh, it happened!

PAS in their statement said, DAP's actions has crossed the limit of acceptable behaviour. DAP continously attacked PAS on every angle. Even in recent 'muktamar' , DAP tried to demolished ulama' influence on the party decision through various sponsored group in PAS. All Mighty God knows what's best to happened. Those anti-ulama' , modernization Islam group and traitors in PAS has collapsed in the party election. Big name like Mat Sabu, Husam, Khalid Samad and many more laid to rest eternally. Pro-ulama' still in control. The message clear, precise and delivered on time.

Penang, all PAS reps who wish to follow Mat Sabu decision to resign on their post in the local government may proceed and DAP lead government will recieve their resignation with an open arm, said Lim Guan Eng. Mat Sabu as a good example. An idiot and ass liker that devoted his life and career becoming one of DAP humble servant all this while and this what he gets. Mat Sabu may joining DAP as he got no place in PAS no more. I believes that he could continue working with DAP in DAP where he has failed on his last assignment to divide PAS sponsored by DAP. Also, those who lost their seats in the election should quit PAS and join DAP full time as they have already work with DAP before to bring down Ulama' group in PAS.

Selangor? A state elections perhaps. After all this saga today, where is PKR? Where is Wan Azizah? Rafizi? Tian Chua? Etc. PAS has made the decision to cut all ties between them with DAP. How about PKR? Suddenly all those in PKR keep quiet. Will PKR support DAP and kick PAS out? Or be with PAS and kick DAP out? We'll see how those PKR leaders make their move on their own chessboard games.

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