Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bare Face Liar Rafizi Ramli Once Again Busted

The wise are instructed by reasons. The ordinary minds by experience while the stupid by necessity. These days, Malaysian that will commit all the stupidities they can think of plus some that are beyond imigination and the numbers growing day by day.

Have you noticed that whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid things, it is always from the noblest motives. A tongue prone to slander is the proof of a depraved mind. To murder character is as truly a crime as to murder the body. The tongue of the slanderer is brother to the dagger of the assassins.

Rafizi Ramli in defense of his defamation suit by Prime Minister DS Najib regarding his baseless accusations on DS Rosmah Mansur ring was just a joke.

Rafizi joke tarnished and damage the good name of DS Rosmah. Of all Iit is, just a joke. Thebest part of it, Malaysian bought it. Now? Will those people who sensationalized the issue dare enough to give a public apologies to DS Rosmah. Damage has already done. An arrogant bastard like Rafizi should be taught a lesson. A really painful lesson for him to learnt due to his incompetencies.

The ultimate question all this, would Rafizi's word still being accepted and trusted by Malaysian after this? We are rapidly moving foward to a develops nation. Our mind and act also should move in the same pace and direction. Stop believing what you read and heard without any proof. A good lesson to learnt and congratulation to those who succeed killing the character of a good and nobble women like DS Rosmah.

Rafizi, may Allah grant you guidance , forgiveness and have mercy on your soul......

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