Monday, 6 July 2015

Lim Kit Siang Thrown Out From His Own Function

I don't think that the flesh is necessarily treacherous, evil, bad. It is cantankerous, and it is independent. The idea of independence is the key. It really is like colonialism. The colonies such as DAP suddenly decide that they can and should exist with their own personality and should detach from the control of this country. At first they perceived as being treacherous. It's a betrayal. Ultimately, it can be seen as the separation of a partner that could be very valuable as an equal rather than as something you dominate.

Yesterday, Lim Kit Siang being thrown out from his own function at a cafe in Masai Johor. As usual, to gained sympathy, UMNO being the scapegoat. Anything bad or wrong to them related to Malay, it's all UMNO. DAP must ran out of idea as we speak. 1MDB didn't make through. Followed by the wildest accusations about PM Najib swindle money also seems to be ended very soon with a large scale of law suite locally and abroad. DAP throw PAS to the gutter. They betrayed they own words. DAP even pressured PKR to choose which path should they take. What is left from DAP. They are truly a chauvinist party who hide behind the name of democracy. Nothing democracy have they done.

I believe that the public temper is such that the voters of the land are prepared to support the party which gives the best promise of administering the government in the honest, simple, and plain manner which is consistent with its character and purposes. They have learned that mystery and concealment in the management of their affairs cover tricks and betrayal. The statesmanship they require consists in honesty and frugality, a prompt response to the needs of the people as they arise, and a vigilant protection of all their varied interests. No blaming games needed here.

Lim Kit Siang still didn't get it right. Living in a multi racial and religion nation, chauvinism and racial bigots play no roles. Malay's maybe fractions in political agenda, but Malay's will be united if their race and religion bring played in and out like what DAP tried to do here in Malaysia. It's all about time where DAP no longer applicable in local political arena. They have tried so many attempt to devide this nation. They questioned Islamic law. They challenged bumiputera right and they even tried to disunite Malaysian.

Sympathy to the devil..........

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