Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Malaysia Oppositions in Delema Over MARA Inc. Which Generate Profit of RM80,475,022 Within 6 Years

MARA has demonstrated a commitment to realize and advance the objectives of the Strategic Transformation Plan 2011-2020 with the establishment of MARA Inc. All these years, MARA develop successful and innovative entrepreneurs, global human capital and contribute to the integrity and equity ownership. On March 31, 2015, total capital was channeled by MARA to MARA Inc amounted RM441.0 million in the form of capital injections and loans. These funds have been used for purposes other investment between three properties in London, United Kingdom of Beaumont House, Ashley Hotel and Serviced Apartments Atelier and four properties in Melbourne, Australia, 746 Swanston Street, Dudley International House, 333 Exhibition Street and 51, Queen Street.

The current position of investments (in Ringgit Malaysia) can be seen in the table below, which shows the current status of real estate investment MARA Inc in London, United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia.

MARA Inc also uses management services of competent real estate operators such as UniLodge Melbourne, Denco, Savills, Jones Lang LaSalle and Colliers to ensure properties are well managed and capable to generate targeted returns.

The operators of this property stronghold, to make a marketing standpoint and 'clientele base. They also liable to make decisions. The properties are managed by property management firms that have been able to generate credible, targeted returns from the whole property portfolio which recorded a return of 6.05% as at December 31, 2014.

Just after just six years in operation of MARA Inc, a subsidiary of MARA has successfully made a cumulative profit of RM80,475,022. The details are as below:

2008 : RM1,167,189
2009 : RM7,021,354
2010 : RM1,107,628
2011 : RM3,835,546
2012 : RM36,254,436
2013 : RM29,266,764
2014 : RM18,199,191


No wonder Rafizi Ramli, Tony Pua and many opposition leaders want is to destabilize this company. Why? This opposition political motive to close down companies and institutions related to Malay Bumiputera such as Tabung Haji, Pensioners Trust Fund (KWAP), MARA etc.

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