Sunday, 12 July 2015

Rafizi Whistle Blow Turn To Be Whistling In Despair

MARA Chairman, Tan Sri Anuar Musa respond to Rafizi Ramli statement chellenging MARA to sell property purchased in Australia. Tan Sri Anuar Musa said Mara has no problem to sell the property if it brings huge profits. According to him, the valuation for all properties purchased it shows MARA able to make a profit. The list of properties purchased by MARA Inc in Australia as reported is is 746 Swanston Street at AUD41.8 million, 333 Exhibition Street at AUD31 million, 51 Queens Street at AUD21.3 million and  Duddley House for AUD22.6 million.

Simple arithmetic, buying properties in a strategic location, the value of those properties has definitely increase. The source obtained, on the latest assessment made for the 4 properties are as follows;

 746 Swanston Street to AUD45 million,
 333 Exhibition Street for AUD33 million
   51 Queens Street to AUD23 million
        Duddley House for AUD27 million

If you refer to the property value chart made by economists for the 20-year cycle fluctuations value in Australia, properties purchased by MARA Inc was in the right timing. The value of real estate in the country is expected to continue rising until 2018.

Again, Rafizi Ramli proved to us that he did not digest and examine the issue brought by him and he is so proud to himself claiming that he act as a whistle blower. This idiot has again proving us that he is the menace of society. Almost all he thought that he whistle only proved that it just an empty and baseless blow. To me, its all just a simple thought. If you had a properties that keep on increase in value and you had no reason to sell it, just because of bozos like Rafizi challenge you to sell it now to proof something which already proven. What would you do? Me?......Ignore this idiot and just carry on with our life. No point proving anything to an idiot.

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