Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rafizi's Question On BVI's Answered-MARA Inc Followed Investment Protocol

On 29 June 2015, Rafizi in his statement to the media, said Mara Inc. has been using a layered company to buy property in Australia. Oppositions media report Selangorku, "Rafizi Ramli, said, MARA Inc established a wholly owned offshore registered in British Virgin Island (BVI) for two properties, 746 Swanston Street and Dudley International House."

Referring to his statements, the company is Thrushcross Land Holdings. Through investigations made, Thrushcross Land Holdings company was registered in 2010. While the purchase of real estate in the AUD22.6 million by Mara Inc through Thrushcross was in 2013. Another cheap spinning games by Rafizi busted. His intentioned was to create situation where MARA Inc. deliberately creating BVI company to buy property in 2013.

In the beginning, Thrushcross Land Holdings was founded in 2010,  not belong to MARA Inc. Thruschcross Land Holdings is a company that was taken over by MARA Inc. in 2012 as part of the strategy to purchase Duddley International House. The acquisition of Thruschross Land Holdings definetely required the approval of MARA Inc. through a transparent investment approval process as below:

Earlier reports from The Age mentioning, Dudley House was developed by an Australian, Chris and Peter Dimitriou Mill in collaboration with the businessman from Malaysia, Yusof Ghani and Abdul Azizi. Acquisition of real estate by MARA Inc first made by acquiring Thruscross Land Holdings.

Question raised on why should MARA Inc using the BVI company to take over the property in Melbourne:

A Blogger, The unspninner said:
"If you use off shore company, no need to set up an office. Only the cost of maintenance and secretaries involved. This is the reason why MARA use an off shore company. BVI company as raised by Rafizi, Swanton and Dudley House was already localized. Meaning, it's already registered in Australia. With this way, no need to have a resident director which definetely will incur cost. In the case of Queville Equity Pty Ltd and Peters both managing properties that being bought by them. MARA Inc. buying real estate with an easy way by buying the companies that owned the property. This will make it easier to sell. "

Click here for the complete posting from The Unspinner : HERE

Rafizi Ramli never do your homework. Your wide mouth act and respond faster than your brain.....shameful pethatic!

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