Friday, 21 August 2015

DEIG - Under Torn Carpet?

Darul Ehsan Investment Group ( DEIG ) were formed to consolidate and restructure the 74 government -linked companies ( GLCs ) under Menteri Besar Incorporated ( MBI).

Registered in early June as a private limited company. In July, DEIG has been approved by CCM on its conversion as public limited firm with a RM10million authorised capital. As of today, the issued capital at DEIG remains RM2.

In another word best to describe, DEIG have a free rein on some RM30 billion worth of assets held by the state of Selangor making it the nation’s richest state’s asset holding and
investment holdings corporation.

GLCs involve are:

As reported earlier by The Rakyat Post, the two RM1 shares in DEIG held by MBI Selangor group chief executive officer Raja Shahreen Raja Othman and chief operating officer Soffan Affendi Aminuddin, which were the only directors but when I open the website.......guess what? The board of directors as shown below:

What actually DEIG being up to? What bussiness did they venture?

A simple arithmatic will immediately triggers that 30 billion Ringgit Malaysia bigger than 2.6 billion donation which Pakatan Rakyat restlessly condemning PM Najib. It is far higher and more worrying. Billion's of Ringgit people money were placed under RM2 company. Wow......why am I not as lucky as them.


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