Sunday, 9 August 2015

Don't Get Tangled In The Web Orchestrated By The Opposition's

Some people wave their dogmatic thinking until their own reason is entangled. The human mind is so complex and things are so tangled up with each other that, to explain a blade of straw, one would have to take to pieces an entire universe. A definition is a sack of flour compressed into a thimble.

MalaysiaKini and the whole army from the opposition's using the current local political scenario as a golden opportunity to spread hatreds to BN especially UMNO. They knew that, at this very point, anything they say or publish against BN and UMNO will be swallowed by the people. As Malaysian, we are heading towards a develop nation and our mind and thinking supposedly in the same direction. Don't get caught in the tangled of web created by the opposition's.  From the cheapest attempt such as cheap bunting reported found in Pasir Gudang as shown below:

Sadly to say, with less than $60 investment on the bunting,  some people bought it and spread this all over the net. Share and shared by those who really not a thinker and believed by those ignorants. The opposition even trying at their very best to set up UMNO top leaders against each other. 

Today, at Pasir Gudang UMNO divisional meeting proving it was all wrong. The perception propagated by the Opposition's has failed as Johorean still strongly stand behind DS Najib.

UMNO members must be united and stay strong together. Leaders come and goes but party remains forever. Don't get caught in the tangled of web orchestrated by the opposition's.

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