Monday, 10 August 2015

Leading Towards Healthy Malaysia - SAY NO TO SLANDERS 1

DS Najib departed to singapore on last Saturday, after officiated the Bahasa Melayu international speech competetion in PICC Putrajaya. Later that night, DS Najib flew to Singapore as state invitation by the republic to attend Singapore National day celebration.

On the next morning, DS Najib attended Pasir Gudang UMNO divisional meeting by car provided by the government of Singapore. After officiating the meeting, he went back to Singapore for an official program attended by ASEAN leaders and even the Royal Highness Sultan and Crown Prince of Johor.

DS Najib later,  departed from Singapore to Kuching Sarawak for an official program for Malaysia independence day celebration.

So with such program attended by DS Najib in the Republic of Singapore prooving that rumors and wild accusation's  that the RH Sultan of Johor preventing the Prime Minister to land at Senai Airport was untrue. DS Najib and RH Sultan of Johor met and mingled in a friendly and respectful manner.

So many sick people around. Hopefully, we are not falling to all the wild accusation's orchestrated by few who will stop at nothing with intention to destroy this nation. These people should be charge on instigating. Have to put an end of all this.........

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