Thursday, 3 September 2015

'Clean Hands' Jose Ugaz Machiavellic Plan Failed To Convince Malaysian


It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour.

- Thomas Jefferson

Study by Transparency International on the global index shows that no country in the world has managed to achieve a perfect score of 100 in the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index. More than 2/3 score below 50, on a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). The organization led by the famous 'Clean Hand' Jose Carlos Ugaz Sanchez Moreno from Peru.

Let's have a look on what will be the Corruption Perceptions Index for Peru as the Chairman of Transparency International is a Peruvian who declared to fight corruptions at all cost. 

Peru ranked at 85 out of 175 countries with index scale of 0 for highly corrupt and 100 for very clean country and was listed at score 38. Jose Ugaz well known around the world on fighting corruptions. Recently in Malaysia during his opening speech, he quoted :

Wow! Was he tried to teach Malaysian on how to handle corruption or he accusing Malaysian leader corrupted on Malaysia soil? How bad Malaysia is based on the index created by the Transparency International led by the 'clean hand' himself? Let's see......

Malaysia ranked at 50 out of 175 countries and scored 52 from the index. Comparing with Peru, Malaysia much much and much better in term of rank and index. I guess, Jose Ugaz forgot to refer to the scoring index created by his own organization.

Answering the question on why DS Najib not attending the conference, Malaysian Intelligence had been able to track plans to humiliate DS Najib at the opening of the conference on anti-corruption. A Malaysian duo was seen visiting Claire Brown and Jose Ugaz last week in London. 

International Conspiracy being use to toppled PM DS Najib and his government. The government elected by Malaysian during the fair 13th. General Election. Malaysian opposition seems exhausted on ideas to bring down DS Najib and start using their oversea allied to help. What will be the stake? Selling the country to foreigner is purely an act of treason. Unfortunate for Transparency International, you have a leader that failed to reduce corruptions in his own country. Now he seems barking at all other country to fight and improved the anti-corruption attemps. What a pathetic! Yes you sell.......but we are not buying!!!


  1. Aik..takde org komen pun? sah, posting syok sendiri..sian..thanks

  2. Kalau niat tak ikhlas, tak jadi matlamatnya. Itu ketentuan Allah.

  3. Kalau niat tak ikhlas, tak jadi matlamatnya. Itu ketentuan Allah.


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