Tuesday, 29 September 2015

DS Rosmah Mansur The Real Malaysian Idol

The effort to remold, in one's own life, the culture one has grown into is heavy with danger. The searcher is likely to be treated as a criminal, condemned and criticized by his own society, ridiculed, even asked to be persecuted. Even if he is more fortunate, even if he is simply ignored by others, he must begin his struggle as a cripple.

For to consciously reject the generalized attitudes' of the parent society is to reject positive reference points that have helped him evaluate his actions and accomplishments.This is the price of freedom on the peripheries. We are able to free ourselves from our parent culture only by destroying parts of ourselves, much as an animal might escape the hunter's trap by gnawing off its own leg. But unlike the wounded animal, the detached person is doubly crippled; however he mutilates himself, he will never quite be free of the trap but will carry it with him in his new freedom.

DS Najib now in New York for the UN assembly. As usual, he will be the centre of media locally and internationally. There were some sick bastards began to create stories and tales. This was some of the example.

Again someone has to correct the tales and statements which was published. The saddest part of this, quite a number of people start sharing these tales and showing that they really buy this crap. What an idiot!

After realising people start to ignored those tales, they divert the stories to victimized the wife which no other than the DS Rosmah Mansur. Those sicked bastard felt even hurt when DS Rosmah being honored to speak on the international stage, especially when she spoke at a reception organized by the Women's Partnership Forum of the United Nations (UN) in UN Plaza on last Sunday.

Human life in common is only made possible when a majority comes together which is stronger than any separate individual and which remains united against all separate individuals. The power of this community is then set up as right in opposition to the power of the individual, which is condemned as brute force. Human create tales to get the majorities. They will never stop creating tales just to get the attention. DS Rosmah, as a humble lady, a mother and wife of Malaysia prime minister chosen as the target. Her presenced in the UN assembly being question. Day and night restlessly, those sick bastards sensionalized this headline.

Unfortunately for them, the attempt has been cornered. A request for special tickets to the General Assembly Hall, especially during the general debate, for the personal guests of the head of delegation should be forwarded to the Chief of Protocol indicating the name of the guest and his/her designation. It is of the utmost importance to include the names of the spouses of high dignitaries to be present during the statement. The availability of the guest tickets will be restricted depending on the occasion and the availability of seats. During the general debate, seating in the VIP section of the General Assembly Hall, and the blue seats in the rear and balcony seating in the Hall are reserved for the use of delegations addressing the General Assembly at that time. Requests for guest tickets should be made as early as possible, as availability of seating is limited. Read more here : https://www.un.int/protocol/pm/menus-18-23

Most people, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives. We Malaysian should be proud having a First Lady who can mingled and get along with the international society. Unlike some opposition leaders, when both DS Najib and wife were in the US making good deeds for the country, she went there to condemned and humiliated the country by requesting The US to interfear Malaysian government. US government reluctant and rejecting their request...... See the sad face of Nurul Izzah returning from US after failed on her mission.....Mission to condemn her own country.......

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