Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Should We Be Colour Blinded For Better Malaysia

The Difference between the Yellow and Red Rallies

1.      The RED rally had clear, meaningful and noble objectives while the YELLOW rally’s 
          objectives changed by the day, starting with an anarchical and racist purpose and 
          then masquerading itself as a nationalist event.

2.      For the RED rally, people paid money to buy the T-shirts and  accommodation       
         whereas for the YELLOW rally, people were paid instead and were given                      
         transportation and accommodation. For the former, people went to contribute to a 
         cause whereas for the latter they went there because of the revenge.

3.      With the RED rally, Malaysians were clapping their hands in anticipation of a better    
         future; with the YELLOW rally people were clasping their hands in anxiety whether     
         there will be any future.

4.      For traders in the city, they were open for business during the RED rally and business    
         was very good for many. When it came to the YELLOW rally, businesses closed for the 
         day because they weren’t confident that the red shirts would be disciplined and well-
         behaved. Whatever extra they made during the RED rally was negated by the closure            
         during the YELLOW rally. The traders still remember how the opposition's rallies.

5.      The RED rally had support from all around the country. For the YELLOW rally, they had 
          to muster support from all round the country to prop up the KL event.

6.      At the RED rally, the heavens showered their blessings during the event ; for the  
         YELLOW rally, the heavens cast a hazy pall.

7.      The RED rally arose from a crying need, the YELLOW was because of an undying 
         greed. Not enough with monopolies the economy, they want more, more and more.

8.      The RED rally showed the power of the people, the YELLOW showed the power of 
          hate,vengeance and discrimination.

9.      The RED rally showed bridges built among the races while the YELLOW rally erected 
          fences between the races. This the reason, the participants of YELLOW among Malays
          lesser series by series of Bersih. Bersih is all about discrimination and racist.

10.  The RED rally was the voice of the people, the YELLOW was the ploy of the politicians.
        Even their leaders and organizers afraid or reluctant to wore yellow shirt with Bersih
        print out while they chanting their follower to wear Bersih T's.

11.  The RED rally took the high ground, the YELLOW just showed how low politicians can 

12.  The RED rally was for a better Malaysia. All the YELLOW rally did was to batter 

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