Monday, 19 October 2015

DS Rosmah Mansur on Empowering Women For A Better Future

Perhaps the best definition of progress would be the continuing efforts of men and women to narrow the gap between the convenience of the powers that be and the unwritten charter. The past empowers the present, and the sweeping footsteps leading to this present mark the pathways to the future.

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor urged to empowering women by letting them to speak up and develop their sense of self worth besides realising their full potential. Empowering women by feeding or exposing them with knowledge and thinking skills to make decisions by giving them courage to break the belief patterns, societal conditioning or misinterpretation of religious texts that had held them back.

During  the 11th Associated Country Women of the World Area Conference for Southeast Asia and the Far East in Shah Alam today, DS Rosmah delivered her speech on 'Empowering Women For A Better Future'.

"When women are empowered, their invaluable talents could directly improve the growth, prosperity, competitiveness and progress of their countries".

“A society where men and women have their say would be more balanced as it incorporates the diversity of perspectives that both could bring to any discourse". Malaysian government placed an invaluable development for women in the belief that without taking these into account, the country could not realise its fullest potential for growth.

DS Rosmah acknowledge that Malaysian women had made a considerable inroads and achieved success in many areas effect by the empowerment efforts by both government and non-governmental organisations which also played a key role in providing platforms.and informations for specific networks ehich facilitate and rnhanced eomen's economic activities in Malaysia. Other contribution factors that contributing to Malaysia success in empowering women is education and health.

"Today, our women are helming various organisations and institutions; indeed, we have successfully transformed women to be effective partners in nation-building," she said.

DS Rosmah describe entrepreneurship as a pivotal factor for advancing sustainable economic opportunities for women and facilitating their contribution to the economy. Women-owned businesses now contributed 19% from total business establishments in Malaysia where some of these businesses started from SMEs to large enterprises encompassing areas like stockbroking, food and beverage, trading, finance, plantation, fishery, construction, oil and gas as well as information and communication technology.

Life in the fast lane playing in traffic intense stressful challenging overwhelming fulfilling demanding exciting nerve wrecking entrepreneurial unrelenting empowered exposed. No place to hide flexible confusing results compensation sweatshop team ascendancy ego suppression flat organizations who's the boss. No titles,no status and customer focus self-abnegation decentralized decision making chaos the end of tenure, security and complacency fear ongoing change burnout.

Given the equal opportunity, support and assistance could prove they are worth in the business world. To face the challenges on empowering women as to date, women had no choice but to work and support each other.

DS Rosmah added "Let's banish the saying 'Women are their worst enemies'. Women should stop the habit of shutting other women out because of rivalry in trivial matters such as age, beauty, marital status, educational attainment, job success and so on. "Instead, we should reach out and help other women to succeed. If all women mentor and promote other women, we'll have a generation of talented women moving not only themselves but the nation and the world".

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