Monday, 16 November 2015

DAP States of Gambling & Alchohol

Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said today, if the DAP took full charge, Muslims in the cities under its watch would be allowed to drink and gamble. PAS objecting DAP’s recent attempt
to introduce local council elections in Penang. He said,  “We stopped DAP from having local council elections for the Chinese, without caring for the Malay Muslims,” he told reporters after a PAS high-tea event. “We will not allow the cities to be controlled by DAP who would make alcohol and gambling ‘halal’ for Muslims.”

DS Abdul Hadi has his point. Since DAP declared that they are a multi racial party, why must having a council with only 1 race in it? In the eye of DAP, anyone against alchohol and gambling were the uncivilised people. My statement here were based on what Lim Guan Eng mentioned earlier recently,  that the DAP will remain in Selangor even in the absence of a Pakatan Harapan government in order to keep PAS from making mischief. What kind of mischief has PAS done in Selangor?

As usual, the humble servant of Lim Dynasty will also make his statement.

DAP understand well about Islam. They knew all along that alchohol and gambling is totally prohibited in Islam. Malaysia is a multi racial country. So what's wrong with DS Hadi statements on his concern? There can never be OK for alchohol and gambling to muslim. Never ever as it's already stated in the holy Quran.

DAP proven themselves as anti-muslim. Day by day, statements by their leader were only leading to show who they really are. These were some of the example. When Muslim leader
stated their concern, DAP will treat them as menace to the society. Chauvinist leaders of DAP will never accept Islam. They have shown their concern about Malaysia the Islamic country and now they have already get the platform to against it.

How can DAP lead this country. They don't have any respect to anyone. They thought that they are the chosen one.......

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