Monday, 11 January 2016

DAP Hypocrisy - Part 1

Words coming out from the tongue of a liar and a hypocrite. Watch the video. I wonder, who exactly he try to fool around? DAP want to continue BR1M after taking over the government? Wow! That's new. Another stunning bullshit by Lim Guan Eng. A profitable state of Penang without GST but selling off the whole state government land to foreigner until there is nothing more to be sell.

In May 2015, Pulau Pinang sell 100% of the 20 acres of state land worth RM30 million to Jabil Circuit Singapore Pte Ltd - an American owned company. In July 2015, Penang give ownership to 49% of the 6.8 acres of land Penang projects worth RM11.3 billion to Temasek Holdings and EDIS, which fully owned by the Singapore government.

DAP considered this as foreign investment. Many people seen this as selling the country. Penang are so small but they sell a lot. This is the uniqueness of DAP state government. They are so hungry and desperate.

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