Monday, 25 January 2016

Fate vs Karma? - Party First & Individual Second.

DS Najib and Mukriz having breakfast together at Langkawi Fisherman's Pier. I wonder will he have the balls to spill out "Najib, you are a fool" as what he said earlier in Saloma Bistro? Presumably after being struck by 14 head of divisions, Mukriz beginning to learnt how to respect his boss? It's all started during 2015 UMNO General Assembly where Mukriz didn't stand up together like all the other representatives giving a standing ovation in respect for of the party President.

He accused Najib of being a fool who failed to answer issues related to 1MDB on his speech at Saloma Bistro during the UMNO General Assembly 2015. The table turn so fastand everyone now asking whether Mukriz really an idiot? He was asked to step down as Menteri Besar by 14 of UMNO head of division in Kedah. He seems like not knowing that one coming straight to his face. It took him more than 8 hrs to make a statement on this.
Before Najib arrived in Langkawi, Mukriz greeted only by 200 of his supporters. Maybe Mukriz aware that the support for him soon will fade as in UMNO culture, members would prefer the party rather than individuals. Finally people start to noticed that since being appointed as State UMNO Liaison chairman, Mukriz manage to do only one management meeting and most State Liaison Meeting were held in KL rather than in Kedah.

On the first day, only 700 people who gathered to support him. At UMNO Jerlun office, only 400 people were present, 40% of whom were outsiders, and in Sg Petani just 70 people turn up which was organized by PERKASA. Mukriz should recognize that the support and blessing from the party and collective support is very important. Obsessed to individuals were not seen as important anymore.
Victory on the 13th general elections was a collective victory led by Datuk Bashah. Will Mukriz personal image will help to win the next 14th. general election while his leadership weakened.  Mukriz, should start all over again. Collective actions is more important than personal image. The party decision should be given the upmost priority.


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