Saturday, 9 January 2016

Misinterpretation of Play Safe by PAS

DS Najib extended an 'Olive Branch' to PAS symbolically to work hand in hand together developing Malaysia according to Islamic principles during his speech in UMNO General Assembly recently. 

Obviously, Malaysian especially Malay community start talking about the collaboration. Some supporting the idea while some opposing it. DS Najib has shown his serious intention by extending his aspiration again face to face to DS Hj Abdul Hadi when they shared the same stage at the Regional Al-Azhar Alumni Conference recently during DS Najib opening speech. The new generation in PAS with more open and wider thinking generation accepting the proposal while the hardcore, narrow and shallow thinking PAS opposed it.

As usual, PAS will do what at their best playing safe. Some of us called them 'Condoms' for their specialities on playing safe all the while to hold strong their existence in Malaysia political scene. Unlike their previous comrades which were seen as to have balls over their stand. 

PAS syura council has decided that up to the next election, there will be no political collaboration between PASand Umno, according to Mustafa Ali. Actually, they themselves unable to tell how many of them were really in PAS or in AMANAH or undecided and still waiting for the wind blows direction.

PAS were the expert in U-Turn. Basically, in Pakatan Rakyat there were merely bare chances for them to make one. Today, Pakatan Harapan front liners vowed to act like a proper married couple, instead of behaving like bachelors and this will help them avoiding repeating past mistakes which clearly meant when they were with PAS in Pakatan Rakyat. PAS has no place ever working together with them from now onwards. 

I wonder with such dignity left, they still playing safe. Unable to stand and say it out loud on their own stand and direction rather twisting words. UMNO definetely not that desperate for the collaboration proposal but showing the courtesy to work hand in hand with PAS when PAS was expelled from Pakatan Rakyat. Everyone knew that PAS would not survive on his own independently. 

Stop juggling. Make your stand!

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